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History/Origin Of The Burmese Cat             

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The brown cats have been reported to have existed hundreds of years ago, particularly in Thailand and Burma (also known as Myanmar).  It is believed that the first Burmese cat came to America (San Francisco) from the Far East (Rangoon) in 1930.  She was a small brown female called "Wong Mau" who was bred with a Seal Point Siamese cat.  Their kittens were hybrids close to what is known as the Tonkinese breed.  The offspring mated with Wong Mau and the resulting litter included dark brown kittens like herself, which were regarded as the first real Burmese cats.  To reduce inbreeding, breeders imported several more Burmese cats from Burma during the 1930's and early 1940's.


"I think all this history stuff is boring!  All I want to know is when I'm getting my next treat!"

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